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Dental Peeps Network has partnered alongside Insured Solutions Group in order to supply individuals and groups with cost effective health care options that meet the needs of employers, employees and their families.

When a member reaches out to Insured Solutions Group they will be assigned and contacted by a team of specialized benefit consultants that will discuss in detail the preferred plans, see below, made available to Dental Peeps Network.

Supplemental Products Available

  • Vision
  • Short Term Disability
  • Cancer
  • Voluntary Life (Term Life & Whole Life)
Dental Insurance

Catastrophic Access Plan

  • Immediate access to healthcare protection upon plan activation during times of hospitalization, significant surgery, cancer treatments etc.
  • Payment for the plan is required only in the month(s) when coverage is needed.
  • Cost is typically 20-30% under the cost that an employee would pay when having to pay for a fully insured plan during the months where no access to fully insured coverage is needed.
  • Employees and their family can come on-and-off the plan when needed.


  • Appreciate the ability to schedule an appointment and speak with a licensed physician from the comfort of your home, hotel or wherever life may take you.
  • Live consults with a board certified physician that can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications for more than 80 common medical conditions
  • Unlimited access, 24/7, to help better suit your and your family‚Äôs schedule, lifestyle and healthcare needs.

To learn more about these plans and the options available to Dental Peeps Network, click the link below to submit a request to be contacted by a member of our team today!

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